OnSite Care Clinics

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost at the clinic?
For Orbit™ associates and their dependents covered on the Orbit™ health care plan, the majority of services are free of charge with the exception of major radiology. As of March 2018, for both Orbit™ associates not on the Orbit™ health care plan and temp associates, most services are free with the exception of labs, radiology, and durable medical equipment.
What other insurance providers are accepted at the clinic?
The Orbit™ OnSite Care Clinic accepts most Altius, BCBS, Cigna, and United Health Care plans. Preventive care is covered at 100% on the health plans the clinic accepts.
What if I don't have insurance or have insurance you don't accept?
Non-insured associates and temps may use the clinic and most services will be free, with the exception of labs, radiology, and durable medical equipment. All fees are payable at the time of service.
Does the clinic accept Medicare or Medicaid?
No, but as an associate, you may still visit the clinic as a non-insured patient where most services are free of charge. All fees for services not covered are payable at the time of service.
What if my family members don't have health insurance? Can they be seen?
Uninsured dependents may use the clinic at the discounted fee schedule. All fees are payable at the time of service.
I have a married child under 26 who is still on my insurance. Would their spouse be able to use the clinic?
No, only adult children covered on the Orbit™ health care plan are eligible to utilize the clinic at this time.
Does the clinic take the place of my doctor?
You can go to the clinic for most medical issues. If the provider is unable to treat your condition, he/she can help you find a specialist within your insurance network that will be able to provide treatment for you.
Can I still go to my current doctor?
The Orbit™ health care plan still allows you the freedom to seek medical care from any Regence in-network provider. However, the cost of care outside of the clinic may be more expensive.
Are preventive services covered at the clinic?
Yes. The Orbit™ OnSite Care Clinic offers well-child and well-adult exams, Pap smears, all vaccinations and more. If you are on the Orbit™ Health Plan, and most Altius, BCBS, Cigna, or United Health Care health plans, all of your preventive visits are covered at 100%.
Are flu shots covered?
Flu shots are covered 100% for insured associates and dependents of associates on the health plan (six months and up).
Does the clinic have onsite radiology services?
No. Patients needing radiology testing will be referred to an in-network provider at a significant savings due to lower negotiated rates.
How do I schedule an appointment?
There are 3 ways to schedule an appointment:

  1. Call the clinic at 801-821-2445
  2. Electronically schedule
  3. Walk in
Do my labs drawn at the clinic count toward my deductible?
Labs drawn in the clinic that you pay for will count toward your deductible if you are on Orbit's health care plan. Lab draws may or may not count towards your deductible if you are not insured on Orbit's health care plan depending on your network and plan details.
Will the clinic providers rotate or will there be a set provider?
The clinic will have set providers. However, when one of the providers goes on vacation or is sick, there will be a substitute provider that will fill in at the clinic.
What if I am ill on the weekend, will there be someone that can help me?
The clinic has an OnSite provider available via phone anytime the clinic is closed. This provider will have remote access to your medical records in order to better assist you. However, if the medical problem or symptom cannot be handled over the phone, patients may be referred to the nearest in-network after-hours care facility.
What if the Orbit™ OnSite Care Clinic is not close to where I live?
As an Orbit™ associate, you have access to the OnSite Care Alliance Clinics which include clinics in Orem, Salt Lake, Clearfield, Layton and Ogden. All clinics in the Alliance have their own fee structure. You can find their contact information on the clinic website.
Is the information gathered at the clinic private and does Orbit™ have access to any of my information or records?
All clinic associates are employed by OnSite Care, Inc. and are bound by strict confidentiality rules known as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.) They are prohibited from sharing any private information with Orbit. Orbit associates and management will have no access to any of your medical files nor personal information at the clinic. Electronic files are maintained on a completely separate system from Orbit's.